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Find a slice of equine heaven—a gateway between the hustle of Silicon Valley and the timelessness of the Ohlone Wilderness. Less than three miles from Highway 680, Indian Hills Ranch in Milpitas is close enough to be incredibly convenient and yet right on the cusp of the Calaveras Hills.

The owners have the interests of the boarders and the community at heart, and the recent improvements to the facility are a direct reflection. All the buildings on the ranch have been repainted. The barns have been refurbished. New footing was laid in both the indoor and outdoor arenas. The entire ranch has been newly fenced and over two miles of wide, rolling bridle paths now criss-cross the ranch. Indian Hills Ranch is a futurity colt all over again! [photo album]


Indian Hills Ranch is just minutes from Highway 680, and yet it’s nestled up to the Ohlone wilderness, with over 50 miles of adjacent trails. Every equine discipline is welcome—come visit us today!

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With over 50 acres of rolling hills, groomed flats, and top-notch facilities, Indian Hills Ranch offers every type of board you could imagine. Priced competitively and managed impeccably, you can select the board situation that is ideal for you and your horse.

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Included in your board rate are quality orchard grass and alfalfa hay fed twice daily. Thick cushions of pelleted bedding, and thorough regular cleanings of bedding and automatic waterers by experienced horse caretakers are included with all stalls except self-cleaning stalls.

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